Today I’m grateful for…

Moments of pure, uncluttered grief, to feel the intensity of how much I miss my beloved mother, and how much she continues to inspire me.

My beautiful mother, in one of her happiest places to be – half way up a mountain!

Feeling my energy start to shift, however subtly, and knowing that today was an easier day than yesterday.

Holding a balance between offering support but maintaining my boundaries and giving myself more time to reflect and engage, rather than just saying an instinctive “yes” in the empathetic desire to assist, and then feeling resentful at a later point when the consequences of that choice start to take their toll.

Focusing on living an experience rather than narrating it, and feeling greatly enriched by that small but crucial shift.

Closing my eyes to be swept away into a song.

Pushing through the discomfort of a decision that I resisted making, then waking up to a greater sense of peace as a result. While the discomfort and desire to go back on my decision still weigh on me, I’m trying to keep focused on the longer-term peace that will be my reward if I can keep strong and resolved.

Fulfilling my children’s culinary desires in satisfying ways.

Spending time focusing on wordless presence, and persisting despite how difficult and at times frustrating it felt, knowing the gifts it provides will only grow as my practice deepens.

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