Gratitude: sunshine & the connecting power of hugs

Today I’m grateful for…

The late afternoon sunshine warming my skin.

Enjoying reflective time in my own company, alone but far from lonely.

Finding that a simple, wordless but heartfelt hug reconnected me to a dear friend I thought I may have lost, and reminded us both that beyond our disagreements and differences lies love and a deep caring for one another.

Remembering to seek out small beauties when my heart felt heavy.



Feeling seen, valued and loved.

Being delighted by new experiences.

Seeing the fruits of years of advocacy and research work feeding constructively into national dialogue, and feeling the very real opportunities to further positively influence the crucial land debates in our country in the coming months.

The rich beauty of Tracy Chapman’s voice, a steady soundtrack through many eras of my life.

Feeling my body slowly but steadily regaining its strength, day by day.

Weathering the storms.

Flying home from my final work trip of the year, towards festive celebrations and recuperative time with my much-missed loved ones.


Knowing that however intensely I miss my mother at times, and long to hear her voice and be guided by her wisdom again, she is always in my heart.

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