Gratitude: sunset, songs and a dandelion

This week I’m grateful for…

Sunset skies when homeward bound

My youngest son’s pride and excitement at his first choir performance, with a sparkle in his eye and pure joy on his face.


Diving back into Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt’s Getting the Love you Want, finding myself once again fascinated and inspired by their insights into what makes us and our relationships tick, and how that knowledge can be used to fuel safety, connection and harmony in our lives, and be clearer on our boundaries and our needs.

The potential for a new adventure moving closer from possibility to reality: a new city to explore on a continent to which I have never previously travelled, with new streets to wander down, new learnings to bring home, friendships and work connections to build, and new perspectives to dive into.

A reminder that beautiful things can grow in the most inhospitable, unexpected corners of the world.

Learning a rich host of lessons from a draining run in tough conditions, and finishing with a smile despite my exhaustion, pain and frustration.

Having deeply loved friends to connect in with, whether it has been weeks, months or years since we last spoke or saw each other, as instantly and fully as ever at any moment.

Unexpectedly overhearing an old favourite song.

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