Gratitude from Ethiopia

This week I’ve been grateful for….

Connecting into incredibly positive energy from the most unexpected quarters on the far side of Africa.

The scent of a carnation, sweet and true, bringing me back into the moment, and myself.

Feeling the love of so many people across the globe who knew, loved and were touched in some way by my amazing mother, and feel the absence of her presence in the world on the eight anniversary of her death.

Waking to fresh perspectives

The kind empathy and support of those who didn’t know my mother but either have lost a parent, child or loved one themselves, got to know her through my stories and writing, or just know the significance and challenge of this loss for me and reached out to send love.

Laughing til my cheeks ached with new friends, exploring Ethiopian music, dance and home-brewed honey wine.

Being brought to tears by the passionate conviction of an older, wise and experienced black South African man who saw within me the skill, insight and passion to play a meaningful role in taking our beautiful country forward, and judged me as a worthy fellow human being with great things to offer, encouraging me not to shrink myself into the background because of the lighter colour of my skin.

Breathing into my courage to step out into the night in Addis Ababa alone when my companions decided not to join me, despite feeling sad and lonely, in the hopes of experiencing Ethio-Jaz for the first time, and losing myself joyfully in the sounds and sensations of something creative and new.

Being reminded of the healing power of love, and our never-ending capacity to keep discovering new depths of connection, vulnerability and joy.

Watching the glow of sunset over a city I have come to love deeply.

Swaying to uplifting music on my headphones when delayed boarding procedures on my final flight home after a long day of traveling threatened to tip me into tired impatience, and finding calm happiness inside myself, where it always waits for me to notice it.

Holding onto hope, determination, acceptance and courage. 

4 thoughts on “Gratitude from Ethiopia

  1. Hi Laurel

    Sending you love and light, as we cherish our beloved Tessa’s memory in our hearts, eternally. 💞

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