Gratitude: generosity, courage and local beats

Today I’m grateful for…

The deep love between my siblings, stretching across continents and years.

Excitement, energy and inspiration.

Generous souls who give just to see the happiness of others expand. 

Finding the courage to dive a little deeper into painful past experiences I would rather forget, but know I will only heal from when I am willing and able to start to map their impact on my life and patterns more clearly. 

Being pleasantly surprised by people’s ability to grow in ways I never expected.

Days filled with productive conversations that unlock possibilities.

Discovering that the office in which I have worked for the past four years was once the exact same office in which my mother sat, her desk at a 90 degree angle to where mine is now situated, as she thought, wrote, argued and created.

Breathing deeply, reminding myself that I can choose to slow my habitually racing mind and heart if I notice that this is indeed a habit, but also a choice, and I can choose differently. 

Seeing my home and work spaces being transformed into increasingly beautiful and practical spaces that make me feel safe, happy, creative, organised and productive.

The spark and challenge of meaningful debate, stretching ourselves to think more clearly and see new perspectives.

Tapping my feet to infectious local beats.

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