Gratitude: Life, Love and Friendship

Today I’m grateful for…

The health and lives of my two unique and deeply loved boys. Listening to, watching and thinking about stories of mothers and couples who have lost children violently or through illness or injury, who could not conceive the children they longed for, who did not feel able to birth or raise the children they conceived, or whose emotional pain pushed their children away, I am reminded how easy it is to take the every-day miracle of my children’s lives for granted.

Exploring new streets with a much-loved friend, and feeling how incredibly fortunate I was to make some of the most deeply connecting life-long friendships in my twenties that I know with utter certainty will bring joyful meetings (however occasional they may be) for the rest of our lives. 

Stories that make me laugh, weep and ache with the pains, ironies and delights of human existence.

Remembering to breathe a little deeper, a little more often.

Feeling once again a calmer, deeper connection to the life I want to keep shaping, and feeling how very POSSIBLE it is to keep building a joyful, rich and meaningful life, one day at a time, no matter what life throws my way when I’m connected to myself rather than running from myself. 

Being utterly overwhelmed by our endless capacity to love more deeply, with more richness, nuance and intensity, every single day of our lives, simply by breaking down the barriers we have unwittingly built against love without ever realizing it in our efforts to protect ourselves from pain, loss and hurt, even against those closest to our hearts.

Holding up the boundaries I need in order to feel like I can breathe and heal, however uncomfortable it feels.

The ache of a deeper homesickness than I can remember feeling for some time, and how wonderful it will be to wake in my own bed to the messy chaos and joyful love of my beloved family, in just five more days. How lucky I am to have a home I love so much that I look forward with eager joy to each homecoming, whether I have been away for weeks, days or merely hours. 

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