Daily Gratitude: facing demons and breathing in hope

Today I’m grateful for…

The delicate, magical beauty of fairy lights.

Family board games, and my youngest son’s absolute delight and pride at winning our first round of Cluedo.

Finding an inspiring new guide to help move me forward by being willing to walk me through the darkness of my past, and realising yet again how deeply emotional trauma gets stored in our bodies. 

Stumbling over old treasures whilst filing and organising, including heartfelt and beautiful cards given and received, cross-stitching projects that gave me hours of pleasure, and words of love and appreciation from family and friends on my 21st birthday.

A message from my father on the occasion of my 21st birthday, which brings a sting of tears to my eyes as I read it again. How lucky I am to have had the love and support of the wonderful parents I was born to.

The absolute joy of falling in love with gardening again over the past few months, finding healing and solace with my hands in the soil, and pure delight in seeing it come back to life.

Amaryllis colour-burst

Feeling excited and inspired by my work again, rather than overwhelmed, with possibilities wide open in the months ahead.

Being reminded that I am strong, and I have choice even when I feel at my most disempowered. 

Seeing a new glimmer of hope, and blue skies ahead.

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