Morning Tears

I pulled over into a driveway, the usual busy morning traffic continuing to flow steadily past me; tears streaming, body shaken with sobs. As I heard the opening lines of Judy Collin’s “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”, all my senses were flooded with vivid flashbacks to Scotland, 2011: the texture of the grey skies … More Morning Tears

Learn Me Right

My children love the film ‘Brave’, and were watching it today while I worked when I suddenly noticed how familiar and evocative the voice in the final song was. Upon a quick Google search, I found it was indeed Birdy, as I suspected, performing with Mumford & Sons. Though I may speak some tongue of … More Learn Me Right

Sharing Happiness: Budapest

A catchy little tune from British singer-songwriter George Ezra. My sister Tabby sent it to me last week, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it – and as those of you who know me already know, when sometime makes me smile (or tap my feet happily) I like to pass it on!

100 Happy Songs

I have been thoroughly enjoying the #100happydays project thus far, having reached day 23 without missing a post (thanks in part to a daily reminder from my phone, just in case!), and I’ve been getting on well with my 100 Happy Songs project too, in little bursts. Tonight, the playlist – which I have been working on in … More 100 Happy Songs

Flowers In My Hair

A few weeks ago I went on a delightful morning walk with my children, and during the course of the walk my youngest son careful chose two dandelion flowers for me, and wove them – clumsily and charmingly – into my hair. I smiled with one of those aching moments of love, gratitude and joy, … More Flowers In My Hair

100 Days of Visual Gratitude (better known as #100happydays)

I naturally don’t have time to take on anything new in my manic life, but when I finally got around to looking up what these #100happydays posts on facebook were all about, some of the first words on the website are: “You don’t have time for this, right? We live in times when super-busy schedules … More 100 Days of Visual Gratitude (better known as #100happydays)

SA All The Way

I am thoroughly loving Shazam: as soon as I hear I song I like, I can whip out my phone, open the app, and nine times out of ten it will pop up the name and artist of the song within seconds. One of the best things about being back in South Africa is all … More SA All The Way

There is a beautiful song by Iron & Wine called ‘The Trapeze Swinger’, which I heard for the first time not long ago, and has echoed through my head often during the past few weeks. I hope it touches you as it did me.