Gratitude: generosity, courage and local beats

Today I’m grateful for… The deep love between my siblings, stretching across continents and years. Excitement, energy and inspiration. Generous souls who give just to see the happiness of others expand.  Finding the courage to dive a little deeper into painful past experiences I would rather forget, but know I will only heal from when … More Gratitude: generosity, courage and local beats


Today I’m grateful for… Camaraderie and support, which sometimes take us further than we can manage alone. Watching the sunrise from the road, sharing the moment with hundreds of other runners who are awake to the joy of just being alive, in that moment. Remembering to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and ask … More Gratitude


Today I’m grateful for… Continuing to be caught up in small beauties, every day. Remembering how opening up, even the parts of myself that feel they should be hidden, most often leads to deeper connection, support and insight. The clarity of black and white. Pushing through exhaustion into new waves of energy and optimism. Delighting … More Gratitude


Today I’m grateful for… The peaceful containment of flight, with uninterrupted reflective space to appreciate perspective and connect in with myself. Surprise gifts from my gorgeous husband. A chance to connect with colleagues and explore new ways forward that respond more effectively to the directly political nature of our work. Early morning runs exploring beautiful … More Gratitude


Today I am grateful for… Space for mourning recently-departed loved ones, dear friends and kind-hearted souls. The fun of playing with photography challenges that provide inspiring themes. Songs to lose myself in. Having a bustling house full of busy children and lovely friends. Remembering that personal growth and learning come in spirals, not circles, and … More Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for… Trusting my impulse to pick up ‘The Book of Joy’ on my way into the airport, inviting more introspection and joy into my life! Making the conscious choice to breathe and slow down rather than getting stressed about logistical travel challenges. Soaking in the view. Fresh carrot and ginger juice, … More Daily Gratitude

All I Ask Of You

One of my mother’s sisters gave me some unexpected gifts this evening: a beautiful jacket, and two songs, one of which touched deep layers of sorrow and gratitude that needed tears tonight. She also gifted me loving arms to hold me. Expressing the sense of relief these moments of falling softly, lightly, gently into the … More All I Ask Of You

Gratitude: in the Christmas spirit

Today I’m grateful for… Finally feeling the real joy and excitement of Christmas while baking Lebküchen from my Gran’s recipe, the boys helping out in their Christmas aprons, the smell of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves filling the air, with Christmas music drifting through the house. Watching “The Little Prince” at the cinema, with my … More Gratitude: in the Christmas spirit