Beyond Parity: Securing Women’s Rights to Land

First published on the Association For Rural Advancement (AFRA) website.  As International Women’s Day 2016 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the power of global solidarity, and the sense of instant connection and shared purpose that social media provides. There was an excited energy in the office as our team at the Association … More Beyond Parity: Securing Women’s Rights to Land

Tears for Paris

The killings in Paris last night have left my mind whirling and heart heavy this morning, along with many others around the world. I have found that many comments on social media this morning have felt contrary to my own feelings. I do not see this as “good vs. evil”; I don’t despair of humanity. This … More Tears for Paris

The Power of Listening

I have been meandering my way through “The City of Joy”, a remarkable book written by Dominique Lapierre and first published in Great Britain in 1986. Some of you may be more familiar with the 1992 film adaptation starring Patrick Swayze, which whilst having a powerful influence on me as a teenager, doesn’t begin to … More The Power of Listening

to stop shouting long enough to hear

Tonight, as I was reading a Mail & Guardian article about some of the depressing responses to Michelle Obama’s recent speech at Tuskegee University’s commencement ceremony, something was triggered within me that provided some clarity on a feeling that has been bothering me subliminally for a number of weeks. The internet backlash from Michelle’s speech reminded … More to stop shouting long enough to hear

Ecotopian Equality

I’m only 34 pages into the novel ‘Ecotopia’, and I am already enraptured. I was quickly drawn in by the vision it offers of an ecologically balanced, while technologically advanced, society, and it offers many moments in which to pause and reflect on how we – I – choose to engage with the world. While … More Ecotopian Equality

London Burning

Tonight, again, London is burning. Watching the news, the flames roaring up into the night sky, I find myself tearful and distraught. There is something so violent and destructive about these fires, so pointless about the needless looting. There are repeated questions about why there are many children involved, and where their parents are. The … More London Burning