Trauma Reactions

An eight-page pamphlet on trauma reactions made for some interesting reading this week. It’s fascinating how different things sink in at different times. What stood out for me tonight as somewhat reassuring was the definition of post traumatic stress as the ‘normal reactions of normal people to events which for them are unusual or abnormal,’ … More Trauma Reactions

Surviving: Day 7

8am: I find myself sitting at the kitchen table this morning in a dangerous state of apathy. It is a horribly familiar sense of hopelessness, and it terrifies me, leaving me feeling as though I am staring into a deep, dark hole that I am about to tumble down. It’s hidden within the feeling of … More Surviving: Day 7

Surviving: Day 5

Feeling very low in both spirits and energy levels yesterday, I was in bed and asleep before the children. I slept unusually deeply again until midnight, when the dogs began barking. Clive was up instantly, alert and carefully checking to see what might be happening outside, but the barking continued intermittently for an hour with no clear reason, which is … More Surviving: Day 5

Surviving: Days 3 & 4

I am finding the mornings inordinately difficult. Waking up after yet another long, deep sleep, I feel increasingly exhausted, and less and less willing to leave the warmth and safety of my bed. I also seem to be most vulnerable to flash-backs in those first few minutes of consciousness, and have a constant feeling of … More Surviving: Days 3 & 4

Surviving: Day 2.5

After writing yesterday morning, my day went through some interesting ups and downs. Soon after arriving at work, no longer having a husband or children around to be strong and calm for, and having to see and talk to other people at last, the tears finally overcame me – and once they had begun, it … More Surviving: Day 2.5

Surviving: Day 2

Following the armed robbery on Saturday night, I am trying to write down my emotions and thoughts as they pass through me this week, capturing just a few of them here to share the raw experience of my journey in the immediate aftermath of this trauma (though I find myself disliking the  word ‘trauma’ intensely!). It’s both my … More Surviving: Day 2