Facing the Shadows

My mother’s favourite author was Ursula K. Le Guin. After many years of dreaming of it, she finally wrote a letter to ‘her Ursula’, expressing how important her writing had been to her, and she received a brief – but delightful and heartfelt – reply. I stumbled across it when I was back in South Africa for … More Facing the Shadows


My best friend, Cate, turned 30 today, and suddenly my thirties seem less intimidating. It has reminded me that we don’t change on our birthdays, no matter how much we use them as milestones. On each birthday, the only thing that feels different from the day before or after is my excitement about cake and … More Birthdays


Yesterday, I went for an 8km run to start picking up my distance again, which I need to start doing fairly promptly as the clock is ticking for the Amsterdam Marathon in October. I just took it really easy, felt good – much better than I expected, in fact – and now feel that I should … More Timelessness