I had frowned watching the afternoon’s gathering storm clouds from the safety of a warm office on Tuesday, anxiously exclaiming to colleagues that I did not want to get caught in a downpour, particularly as I was just recovering from a raw, sore throat. As soon as I stepped out into the energising, storm-taut air, … More Storm-riding

Sporting Adventures

This morning, my husband Clive and I took our two boys paddling at Danson Lake in Bexleyheath. Tristan (who will turn four in September) sat in the front of a Rocket Junior K2 to try out his new paddles from his Nanny and Gubby, and I sat behind him, watching Rhys on Clive’s lap and pondering … More Sporting Adventures

Monday’s Reflections (written 04/07/2011)

I have had a very sociable few days, and it has been an important shift back into ‘normal’ life. These were the first few social visits, away from those immediately mourning Tessa, post the accident (‘the accident’ is how I find myself referring to it when I’m trying to not get emotional; at other times it’s simply … More Monday’s Reflections (written 04/07/2011)