Gratitude: ocean dawn

Today I’m grateful for… Never failing to be moved by the rising of the new day. Falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean. Losing myself in a novel, which used to be a daily occurrence but these days feels like a luxurious indulgence. Feeling loved. The laughing joy of happy children. Kindness.


This week I’m grateful for… Waking to the splendour of dawn, and the delights of an early morning swim to greet the day. Sleeping peacefully to the rhythm of the ocean. Excited anticipation of the many planned adventures and travels in the year ahead. Catching up with a very dear friend, using the convenience of … More Gratitude


Today I’m grateful for… Stepping into the chill winter air to capture the fleeting joy of dawn. Honest conversations, even when they feel uncomfortable and offer no solutions past the simple relief of expression. Falling in love with new songs. New insights, friendships, energy and dreams. Crazy smurf-blue cupcake baking to fulfil my little one’s … More Gratitude

October Dawn

Waking early from restful sleep, the dawn reminds me to find new courage and fresh perspectives to guide me through the day ahead.

A Joyful Dawn

This morning I discovered the calmest, happiest space I have been in for some time. Exhausted, I collapsed into bed early last night, and slept for a solid, restorative nine hours, waking before the alarm went off at 5am feeling refreshed and ready for the day. After getting into my training clothes, making some ginger … More A Joyful Dawn