Inspired by a post called ‘Things that Make Me Happy’, I was amazed at how many things on her list resonated with me, and thought it would be fun to write my own list! So, since I am stuck in bed with a fractured ankle, and keeping my thoughts on positive things can only assist with … More Happiness


My mother once wrote, during a discussion about relationships and my marriage, “It’s a huge boon to have something like “kindness” in a relationship. You have that between you; it is valuable, and not soooo common.” My sister Elin recently shared an article by Emily Esfahani Smith entitled ‘Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To … More Kindness

On love, and sharing

I lay in the warm glow of my husband Clive’s arms last night, where I feel most alive in every delightful cell of my body. It seems to draw electric energy from his fingertips. Being home, and being healthy (following a successful procedure to plug the hole in my leaking spine), both seem like luxurious … More On love, and sharing