Today I’m grateful for… Camaraderie and support, which sometimes take us further than we can manage alone. Watching the sunrise from the road, sharing the moment with hundreds of other runners who are awake to the joy of just being alive, in that moment. Remembering to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and ask … More Gratitude


Today I’m grateful for… A wonderful weekend celebrating the 40th birthday of my fantastic big sister, thankful for being part of making her feel thoroughly spoilt whilst enjoying delicious food, excellent company and new experiences. The way in which the #MeToo campaign has sparked so many important conversations around the world, from the healing that … More Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for…. Flying homewards through the tips of the clouds, enjoying the erratic dips and rises as we manoeuvre through turbulence. The joy of have so many opportunities to meet interesting new souls, and having the chance to see the world – however briefly – from so many different perspectives. The satisfaction of … More Daily Gratitude


Inspired by a post called ‘Things that Make Me Happy’, I was amazed at how many things on her list resonated with me, and thought it would be fun to write my own list! So, since I am stuck in bed with a fractured ankle, and keeping my thoughts on positive things can only assist with … More Happiness


This week I am grateful for… The soothing company of Passenger on the road. A very tough and enjoyable Pilates session well before dawn this morning (my first in many years), finding great satisfaction in feeling my muscles stretch, strain, and still hold me with greater strength than I thought they could. Laughing out loud to myself with … More Gratitude


This week I am grateful for… A wonderful birthday weekend spent with family and loved ones, with just the right mix of winter sunshine, delicious food, adventures, rich autumnal colours, visits to favourite haunts, conversations, exercise, gorgeous gifts, and happy children. My first 5:15am run with a new running group, after which I felt strong, … More Gratitude

My Life Philosophy

(I wrote this yesterday but didn’t get to post it). My sister reposted an article by David Wong, published on the 16th July, entitled A 60 Second Guide to Learning the Awful Truth About Yourself, on facebook. I very seldom click on these things – I don’t believe in ‘quick fixes’ and think most such … More My Life Philosophy

Treasured Connections

Slowly recovering my energy after a week of returning chronic fatigue and intense headaches leading to a medical assessment that my liver and adrenal glands are once again not functioning properly, I headed out for my first run in ten days this afternoon. I follow a similar routine each time I get ready for a … More Treasured Connections