Giving Sorrow Words

I read a little of Rebecca Abrams’ ‘When Parents Die’  this evening, which my friend Garry, whose father died while he was 12, lent me. It arrived with a heart warming note inside: ‘I hope that when you find time to read this book, you find solace. I know I did, even after many years! … More Giving Sorrow Words

Anger, at last

Dirk emailed me two photographs this afternoon, saying that “Tessa had been inspired by Nan Shepherd’s book “The Living Mountain” to try and capture the clarity and sweetness of the water in streams on Skye.  These were her last two photographs (in Coirie Lagan, Cuillins) – taken perhaps three hours before she died.”


Yesterday, I went for an 8km run to start picking up my distance again, which I need to start doing fairly promptly as the clock is ticking for the Amsterdam Marathon in October. I just took it really easy, felt good – much better than I expected, in fact – and now feel that I should … More Timelessness

Monday’s Reflections (written 04/07/2011)

I have had a very sociable few days, and it has been an important shift back into ‘normal’ life. These were the first few social visits, away from those immediately mourning Tessa, post the accident (‘the accident’ is how I find myself referring to it when I’m trying to not get emotional; at other times it’s simply … More Monday’s Reflections (written 04/07/2011)