Today I’m grateful for… Stepping into the chill winter air to capture the fleeting joy of dawn. Honest conversations, even when they feel uncomfortable and offer no solutions past the simple relief of expression. Falling in love with new songs. New insights, friendships, energy and dreams. Crazy smurf-blue cupcake baking to fulfil my little one’s … More Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for… The beauty of the human heart, and the sickle moon glowing just before the dawn. Letting emotions – joy, sorrow, loss, anger, excitement, and exhaustion – wash over me, each in turn having full space to be felt and expressed. Vibrant conversations. Bathing in the fleeting, rich magic of dawn … More Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for… Dreaming of new ways to approach long-standing challenges, and feeling brave enough to give them another try, even if I fail. Finding unexpected joys and delightful beauty springing up overnight. Being pro-active rather than reactive regarding my health, my body, and my well-being. Emerging long-term aspirations that excite and inspire me, … More Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for… Remembering that however low I feel I am getting knocked down, I’m being given another chance to learn, grow, struggle, and rise up just a little stronger than before. Noticing my reactivity and giving myself space to express it, finding it lift slightly just through the expression. Reminding myself that all … More Daily Gratitude

Clearing the air

A stormy week it has been at work, with some deeply painful, challenging and difficult moments. It felt appropriate, therefore, to have the working week come to a close in the midst of a spectacular display of torrential rain and pinging hail – hailstones large enough to send me rushing bare-armed into the storm to … More Clearing the air

October Dawn

Waking early from restful sleep, the dawn reminds me to find new courage and fresh perspectives to guide me through the day ahead.