Today I’m grateful for… Being welcomed with enormous smiles, piles of delicious food and the warmest of greetings into the small, simple home of an Indonesian family in West Java for two nights, and feeling connected in our shared humanity despite our inability to communicate with words and our vastly different lives and contexts. Building … More Gratitude


One week ago, I was sitting in a café in OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, my taste buds puzzling over the sour sweetness of over-strong lemonade as I waited for my second flight of the day, set to whisk me across the continent to Ethiopia. I had few clear expectations of the week to … More Addis


Today I’m grateful for… Tapping into new pools of knowledge that broaden my perspective. Solitary, reflective walks through unknown streets filled with unfamiliar scents and sounds. Sitting with discomfort, and enjoying the relief that awaits on the other side. Soothing away my loneliness in a hotel room far from home by surrounding myself with the … More Gratitude


Today I’m grateful for… The peaceful containment of flight, with uninterrupted reflective space to appreciate perspective and connect in with myself. Surprise gifts from my gorgeous husband. A chance to connect with colleagues and explore new ways forward that respond more effectively to the directly political nature of our work. Early morning runs exploring beautiful … More Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for…. Flying homewards through the tips of the clouds, enjoying the erratic dips and rises as we manoeuvre through turbulence. The joy of have so many opportunities to meet interesting new souls, and having the chance to see the world – however briefly – from so many different perspectives. The satisfaction of … More Daily Gratitude

Cameroonian Dreaming

As I strolled towards the boarding gate for the first of four flights taking me to Yaoundé, Cameroon, I felt a skip in my step I haven’t felt for some time. The excitement of traveling somewhere entirely new finally flooded through me, and I found myself unexpectedly grinning, joy bubbling up. My worries about visas, … More Cameroonian Dreaming