Gratitude: sunshine & the connecting power of hugs

Today I’m grateful for… The late afternoon sunshine warming my skin. Enjoying reflective time in my own company, alone but far from lonely. Finding that a simple, wordless but heartfelt hug reconnected me to a dear friend I thought I may have lost, and reminded us both that beyond our disagreements and differences lies love … More Gratitude: sunshine & the connecting power of hugs


Today I’m grateful for… Waking from exhausted slumber to see the sun rising golden on the horizon. The crisp, inviting blank pages of a new notebook, reminding me of the all the still-unimaginable new experiences and thoughts ahead that will populate its pages. The soothing comfort and companionship of familiar songs in my pocket, and … More Gratitude

5 Years Gone

How did I mark the 5th anniversary of my mother’s death? With tears, of course. And music, as I naturally do. With memories, and smiles, and more tears. With an amazingly productive day of Strategic Planning at the organisation where she once worked, and where she brought as much passion as I now bring, in her own … More 5 Years Gone

Captured Conversations

I stumbled across this Skype conversation with my mother from quite a number of years ago, which I had emailed to myself to keep safe, and subsequently forgotten I still had (though I remembered the conversation itself well). I grasp at all these memories, wanting to remember her voice, her smell, and her writing, and … More Captured Conversations

Swing low…

I picked up a newspaper on my way into the tube station this evening. It is the first time I have looked at one since my mom died, and I discarded it again within minutes. Greek financial crisis threatening the Euro? 2000 police posts in London cut and burglaries on the rise when I have … More Swing low…