I’m often amazed when I’m absorbed in easily-accessible joys that I don’t do these delightful things more often! Twice during the weekend my boys and I headed out for very simple adventures quite literally on our doorstep, and while my wanderlust and pleasure in wider travels and adventures remain, it is even more satisfying to … More Grounded

Lesotho Memories

When I turned on my phone on Monday morning the first email to come through was from an old friend of my mother’s. She had recently signed up to my blog, and had emailed to introduce herself. Reading over her words evoked memories full of the powerful emotions of childhood. I was four when we … More Lesotho Memories

Analysing a Moment

Simplifying the translation of our emotions assists us in cutting through the cluttered confusion of our hearts, and forming a coherent picture to place ourselves in. Nuances are inevitably lost in any translation, however, and on some occasions it seems worth turning away temporarily from the lure of simplicity and letting the uncertain dusk of fragmentation … More Analysing a Moment

I’m Back!

It seems logical that my first post after a month away from my blog should be an update. I am still unwell and undiagnosed (more about that later), and the trip to South Africa was difficult health-wise but otherwise very positive, and full of wonderful connections and exciting visions of the future.

Insomniac Ramblings

The past twelve days are like a mist to me. I am emerging, but swirls clutch my ankle still, and I can neither penetrate the fog behind nor the darkness ahead. Five days and four nights in a sterile, cold hospital surrounded by very old women, rushing doctors and bullying nurses. In between a CT … More Insomniac Ramblings

Today, a Smile

As I left the cosy warmth of home to begin my journey to work this morning my husband, Clive, was getting breakfast ready for our two bright-eyed sons. I sent hurried kisses around the kitchen, longing to stay and be part of the morning chatter but determined not to miss the next train, then rushed … More Today, a Smile

Ghosts and Dreams

Last night my dreams were full of my mother again, but they were a new sort of dream, and have thankfully returned to being gentle and comforting – perhaps my reward to returning to the blogosphere! They were too long and complicated to try and capture in full, but there were a few key scenes … More Ghosts and Dreams

Sporting Adventures

This morning, my husband Clive and I took our two boys paddling at Danson Lake in Bexleyheath. Tristan (who will turn four in September) sat in the front of a Rocket Junior K2 to try out his new paddles from his Nanny and Gubby, and I sat behind him, watching Rhys on Clive’s lap and pondering … More Sporting Adventures