Today I am grateful for…

Space for mourning recently-departed loved ones, dear friends and kind-hearted souls.

The fun of playing with photography challenges that provide inspiring themes.



Songs to lose myself in.

Having a bustling house full of busy children and lovely friends.

Remembering that personal growth and learning come in spirals, not circles, and each time I face the same emotional challenges I can tackle them with gradually-increasing knowledge and perspective.

Living gifts that will continue to grow and provide delight for years to come.


In The Red

Reconnecting to a supportive and loving community at the memorial for a wonderful man. He inspired me and many others with his unwavering kindness, capacity for vulnerability, and ongoing commitment to open himself to growth and learning.

Falling into delicious, restful, recuperative sleep.

Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for…

joyTrusting my impulse to pick up ‘The Book of Joy’ on my way into the airport, inviting more introspection and joy into my life!

Making the conscious choice to breathe and slow down rather than getting stressed about logistical travel challenges.


Soaking in the view.

Fresh carrot and ginger juice, soothing my sore throat.

Carving out some reflection time for myself.

Being able to help make someone else’s difficult situation easier.

Connecting with a colleague from a fellow NGO and having frank and fruitful conversations.

Seeing my sister, and feeling so grateful for a loving family and siblings who are also friends.

Having an emerging connected friendship group, rather than only separate individual friendships, for the first time since leaving London.

Indulging in pure delight at the magic of Christmas, and excited anticipation of decorating our living Yellowwood Christmas tree this weekend!

Foot-tapping music to accompany my Chai Frio.

Post-storm sunset skies.

The joy of being homeward bound.

Getting back up again

Sunday brought us yet another day of steady, soaking rain, and so our planned outdoors activities were replaced with, amongst other things, a trip to the cinema with family and friends to watch the new animated film ‘Trolls’. My children fell in love with the music, with my youngest staying as long as the credits rolled to keep groovin’ along.

This week, a number of difficult work issues that had left me feeling in a fog of uncertainty over the past few weeks have all started to shift positively. After choosing to step through my self-doubt and fear into risking opening myself honestly and open-heartedly to the process that was unfolding, I find myself amazed that what felt impossible on a few weeks ago now seems an inevitable outcome of letting go and allowing things to unfold as they needed to. I sit now with a heart full of deep gratitude as I continue to grow my belief in the power of vulnerability, the immeasurable joy of supportive networks, and a renewed confidence in my capacity to ride out the storms and find my sea-legs in new waters, with new and unexplored horizons ahead.

‘Trolls’, it turns out, has provided the perfect soundtrack for my month with this delightful little tune, “Get Back Up Again”.

Clearing the air

A stormy week it has been at work, with some deeply painful, challenging and difficult moments. It felt appropriate, therefore, to have the working week come to a close in the midst of a spectacular display of torrential rain and pinging hail – hailstones large enough to send me rushing bare-armed into the storm to move my car swiftly to shelter.

Neglected gutters clogged with discarded waste gushed their temporary rivers into the street, puddles swallowed entire sections of road, and I pondered on the fleeting nature of storms and troubles.

Driving out of the storm and straight into a traffic jam on the highway, I shifted from the adrenaline of the downpour to breathing into my patience. I relaxed into enjoying the space I was in, accepting my inability to change the reality around me and deciding that rather than resist it, I would put on some great music and unwind from the week.

After some time, we started to move again, and there ahead of me on the horizon was the start of a rainbow.img_8989

My heart aglow, filled with joy, I turned onto the dirt road that leads me home each day just as the clouds cleared and the sun broke through to light the soft evening sky – the air washed clean, and my hope renewed.





I’m often amazed when I’m absorbed in easily-accessible joys that I don’t do these delightful things more often! Twice during the weekend my boys and I headed out for very simple adventures quite literally on our doorstep, and while my wanderlust and pleasure in wider travels and adventures remain, it is even more satisfying to be grounded here, in the pleasures of home, family, and our beautiful surroundings, utterly content to be just where I am.



Happiness #4

  1. The soothing sound of the ocean, the sand between my toes.
  2. Sipping Port under the stars, my feet warmed by a fire.
  3. Birthdays that are full of joy, surprises, laughter and love.
  4. Concrete actions that further my wish to surround myself with things that make me happy – this week’s greatest satisfaction being planting some jasmine, whose sweet scent will bring me regular pleasure in future years.
  5. Unexpected phone calls at just the right moment.
  6. Finding, at times when I feel utterly alone, that I am surrounded by support and love, and can reach out and connect with them at any time.
  7. Finding the courage to share my experience and perspective in circumstances where I would usually stay quiet and doubt their validity.
  8. Spending time gardening, affectionately reclaiming growing space for the plants I love amidst the lush abundance of a tropical spring.
  9. Deep, long, passionate, loving kisses at unexpected moments.
  10. Planning family adventures and projects, some of which will become solid realities and some of which will remain pleasurable dreams.
  11. Seeing opportunities where others around me see risks and difficulties, and sensing that my optimism can perhaps help them overcome their fears.
  12. Feeling very tangibly how much I am learning from each tough decision, each challenging situation, each failure and each newly emerging solution.
  13. Seeing in my friend’s internal battles the truth of the fact that while we may keep coming back to the same challenges and internal weaknesses, our lives are spirals and not circles – we come back each time with slightly greater knowledge and experience, however negligible the shift might feel.
  14. The evocative scent of Rosemary, and all the rich memories it awakens.