Off Balance

There are moments in life that we cannot predict, when the ground appears to shift under us. It’s so subtle we think it imagined, yet somehow we are no longer looking from quite the same perspective, and can’t quite shake off the lingering sense of being off balance. Today feels exactly so. My thoughts are … More Off Balance

Gratitude: Mandalas

Today I’m grateful for…. The beauty of being ALIVE and feeling increasingly back in my own skin. The joy of colouring in beautiful Mandala prints with whatever gorgeous colours take my fancy. Delicious bran muffins with citrus peel served fresh out the oven, melting with butter. A fun Zumba session that got my pulse racing. … More Gratitude: Mandalas

Daily Gratitude: facing demons and breathing in hope

Today I’m grateful for… The delicate, magical beauty of fairy lights. Family board games, and my youngest son’s absolute delight and pride at winning our first round of Cluedo. Finding an inspiring new guide to help move me forward by being willing to walk me through the darkness of my past, and realising yet again … More Daily Gratitude: facing demons and breathing in hope

Gratitude: Abidjan Adventures

Today I’m grateful for… Rich time immersing myself in the colours, scents and unique flavours of Abidjan. Finally having the chance to fulfil my long-held wish to explore the colourful, muddy, sensory overload of a crowded local market, tasting indigenous flavours and shopping for local materials with friendly greetings of “Bonjour!” down every over-flowing pathway. … More Gratitude: Abidjan Adventures

Rainy days

I’m sitting in my warm, comfortable bed with my computer screen a glowing rectangle on my lap in the dim light, listening to the pouring rain overlaid by the occasional roll of thunder, and barely managing to keep my eyes open. I want to capture some essence of today while the emotions are still raw, … More Rainy days

Gratitude: London Rain

Today I’m grateful for… Tears. Heartfelt, lifelong connections, across all barriers of time and distance. Witnessing unselfish, spontaneous generosity. Feeling beautiful again through someone else’s eyes. The nostalgia I feel when each new adventure comes to an end, and new friends well made must be hugged goodbye, my world expanded just a little further and … More Gratitude: London Rain


Written 27th September 2019. It feels so impossible to grasp the capacity we may have in our lifetimes to impact the world positively and uniquely, and to keep conscious of our choices, our contributions, and the moments of happiness that remain endlessly within our grasp when we shift our expectations and perspectives. I know I … More Contrasts