Rainy days

I’m sitting in my warm, comfortable bed with my computer screen a glowing rectangle on my lap in the dim light, listening to the pouring rain overlaid by the occasional roll of thunder, and barely managing to keep my eyes open. I want to capture some essence of today while the emotions are still raw, … More Rainy days

Gratitude: London Rain

Today I’m grateful for… Tears. Heartfelt, lifelong connections, across all barriers of time and distance. Witnessing unselfish, spontaneous generosity. Feeling beautiful again through someone else’s eyes. The nostalgia I feel when each new adventure comes to an end, and new friends well made must be hugged goodbye, my world expanded just a little further and … More Gratitude: London Rain


Written 27th September 2019. It feels so impossible to grasp the capacity we may have in our lifetimes to impact the world positively and uniquely, and to keep conscious of our choices, our contributions, and the moments of happiness that remain endlessly within our grasp when we shift our expectations and perspectives. I know I … More Contrasts

Gratitude: generosity, courage and local beats

Today I’m grateful for… The deep love between my siblings, stretching across continents and years. Excitement, energy and inspiration. Generous souls who give just to see the happiness of others expand.  Finding the courage to dive a little deeper into painful past experiences I would rather forget, but know I will only heal from when … More Gratitude: generosity, courage and local beats