Sunshine and Miracles

The London sunshine was magnificent this morning, particularly while I was running next to the Thames from London Bridge towards Tower Bridge, with the sun’s rays reflecting off the water and the glass of the buildings all around. There is no doubt that running, writing and painting are the most positive things I can be … More Sunshine and Miracles


Heart that beat Now is stopped. Unmolded feet Will never stand, or fall, Hands not formed Never grow to touch; Body that I warmed Now cold and still. * A thousand tears, yet my heart resigned; A whispered ‘sorry’ and ‘goodbye’ entwined. Little maybe that never became a ‘me’ Stilled forever, but in my heart … More Fourth

Autumnal Tears

There are occasional, almost unbearable moments in which I feel gripped by every instant of sorrow in my life rolled into one enormous, crushing entity of hopelessness. They hit with no prior warning, and at the most inconvenient times. I express emotion through my stomach, which is clenched so tight I can barely move. Every … More Autumnal Tears