Consistently finding peace in my heart, despite all external pressures and events, whenever I turn my focus inwards. A warm, dry vehicle when rain is softly soaking the earth. Breathing into patience, and letting it subdue frustration. The comfort of warm vegetable soup when the family is tired and not in perfect health. Unwinding into … More Gratitude

100 Days of Visual Gratitude (better known as #100happydays)

I naturally don’t have time to take on anything new in my manic life, but when I finally got around to looking up what these #100happydays posts on facebook were all about, some of the first words on the website are: “You don’t have time for this, right? We live in times when super-busy schedules … More 100 Days of Visual Gratitude (better known as #100happydays)

Lapiskamay Project

Last August I was returning to the office from a meeting, and as I stepped out from the shelter of the Underground a warm torrent of rain began to fall from the sky. Instead of waiting for it to pass, or buying an umbrella, I skipped out into it with a huge grin on my … More Lapiskamay Project

Tearless Distraction

I have been unconsciously distracting myself from the rapidly-approaching first anniversary of my mother’s death, which will arrive all too soon on May 31st. I have become busy again with many projects and plans, being productive and constructive and feeling increasingly connected to my body and the world around me, in new and surprising ways. … More Tearless Distraction


I had frowned watching the afternoon’s gathering storm clouds from the safety of a warm office on Tuesday, anxiously exclaiming to colleagues that I did not want to get caught in a downpour, particularly as I was just recovering from a raw, sore throat. As soon as I stepped out into the energising, storm-taut air, … More Storm-riding


Countless others Have likened the rain to tears, or tears to rain. The comparison should have lost its potency through reiteration Yet, sitting watching drops trickle steadily down the window, I can think of nothing but how they would feel on my cheek – Cold rather than hot and salty, Expressing my sorrow when my … More unshed

Nothing falls like London Rain… (written Thursday 16 June, 2011)

This morning, I ran to work; my first run since one with Anna in Nethy Bridge, Scotland, last week. It poured with a solid, soaking (but not cold) London rain; relentless. I wore my mother’s grey ‘Cape Storm’ climbing top, and laughed often, holding out my arms and looking up at the sky. I feel … More Nothing falls like London Rain… (written Thursday 16 June, 2011)