All I Ask Of You

One of my mother’s sisters gave me some unexpected gifts this evening: a beautiful jacket, and two songs, one of which touched deep layers of sorrow and gratitude that needed tears tonight. She also gifted me loving arms to hold me. Expressing the sense of relief these moments of falling softly, lightly, gently into the … More All I Ask Of You

Gratitude: in the Christmas spirit

Today I’m grateful for… Finally feeling the real joy and excitement of Christmas while baking Lebküchen from my Gran’s recipe, the boys helping out in their Christmas aprons, the smell of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves filling the air, with Christmas music drifting through the house. Watching “The Little Prince” at the cinema, with my … More Gratitude: in the Christmas spirit

Weekly Gratitude

Reconnecting with calm spaces and healthy choices. Being more truthful with friends, and finding the friendships strong and resilient enough to grow. Enjoying yoga and qi gong by candlelight after the electricity went down. Having loving and supportive friends to call on. Getting marginally better at not apologising quite so often. Spending careful thought and … More Weekly Gratitude

Weekly Gratitude

The calming softness of candlelight after the power went off unexpectedly this evening. Watching the boys run off in excitement upon reaching the Christmas Faire at their school, confident and eager for fun with their friends. Finding new perspectives, and remembering that I can always break out of old reactive behaviours if I choose to.