Today’s Happiness

My beautiful Kalanchoe ‘Tessa’ in full bloom, a year and a half after I bought it in memory of my mother, Tessa. It grows in a beautiful pot in my garden, one of a set that was given to me more than a decade ago by my aunt Kari.


Five hours of intensive work in my garden, planting, weeding and watering. It is deeply satisfying to ‘ground’ myself somewhat again.

Delicious winter sunshine.

My husband’s scrumptious homemade ostrich burgers.

Finally buying an electric blanket to combat the winter chill, after more than a year of saying we should probably get one.

Watching my youngest son laughing in utter, unselfconscious delight and pure amusement whilst watching ‘Bambi’ for the first time.

Remembering to breathe deep, let go of resentments and pain, and step forward positively into each new minute – because how I face the realities of my life comes down to my own choice.

Delighting in feeling creative energy flowing through me again.

Happy memories of a laughter-filled, connecting and loving date with my amazing husband last night.

Drinking the last of the first batch of lemonade we have made together as a family, and looking forward to many more years of experimenting with perfecting the recipe.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Happiness

    1. Ah, Christine, you know that better than most people do! And wow, well done on completing your 100 Happy Days! I’m way behind now but getting there – and I’m sad yours are ending…. I’ve loved seeing them every day.

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